IFESO offers a pragmatic approach of implementing information activities as part of NATO Multi Domain Operations (MDO) approach.

The current crisis context has accelerated the need to combine the Instruments of Power, resulting in the military field in a so-called Multi Domain (MDO) approach in NATO or multi-field multi-domain (M2MC) in France.

The French M2MC approach defines environments as Land, Maritime, Air, Space and Cyber, while fields cover informational and electromagnetic spaces. In NATO, “Multi Domain Operations” refers to the following domains: Maritime, Land, Air, Space and Cyber. Information Operations are considered to be a transversal approach that irrigates all areas.

IFESO, a specialist in training in the command and control of operations, integrates this approach to the conception of effects in its training in operations planning. IFESO trainers insist on this multi-domain – multi-field understanding of the operational environment.

In order to clearly understand the way in which information operations contribute to joint operations, IFESO offers an analysis framework for audiences (Target Audience) allowing the staff to identify their behaviour with respect to our objectives, possible changes in their behaviour, the effects that can be achieved, the actions, vectors and effectors that must be implemented to obtain these effects. IFESO has therefore developed a prototype decision support tool to practically implement M2MC operations for information operations.

Currently tested with the French Ecole de Guerre students (300) during the annual Coalition exercise, this tool makes the information campaign concrete by showing how it combines with other actions in all areas.

IFESO will continue to develop this tool in conjunction with the Armed forces and industry to also extend it to physical effects.